About Rezatec

Geospatial Data Analysts

Rezatec is the leading specialist geospatial data analytics company providing valuable and actionable landscape intelligence as a critical decision-support tool to help drive the smart management of land-based assets.

Globally, organisations are facing new challenges as a result of environmental, climate, economic and social change along with increasing regulatory pressure across industries and sectors. There are ever-increasing demands being placed on land and its efficient use, which are being fuelled by growing populations, water and food security challenges, inefficiencies in energy infrastructure and the need for smart cities to improve resilience to change.

In recent years, the need has therefore grown for different types of decision-support tools to analyse complex Big Data sets and deliver commercially valuable insight helping organisations adapt to these new pressures. This is exactly where the analysis of Earth Observation (EO) satellite data and advanced remote sensing techniques can help.

A Global Approach & The Right People

As a provider of geospatial data analytics, Rezatec serves customers around the world, spread across the Agribusiness, Oil & Energy, Water, Forestry, Urban Infrastructure, Commodities and FMCG sectors.

Headquartered within the Harwell Space Cluster, Oxfordshire, UK, our staff have backgrounds in statistical and Big Data analysis, Earth Observation (EO) analysis, software development, advanced computing techniques, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), sector specific expertise and the latest EO methods and tools.

Rezatec was originally founded out of University College London (UCL), one of the UK’s leading universities, renowned for its work on remote sensing, land carbon sequestration, tropical forests and climate change. Rezatec continues to work with UCL on a number of projects and we endeavour to work with academic institutions and industry experts wherever required. We have also worked closely with University of Oxford and Imperial College London.

Mission Statement

Delivering valuable landscape intelligence

We process geospatial data using our unique technology to provide highly valuable and actionable commercial insights for our customers worldwide.