Pipeline Risk

Rezatec to provide new water leak risk analysis tool for Utilities Kingston, Canada

Rezatec, a provider of geospatial data analytics, has announced it will work with Utilities Kingston – a multi-utility company based in Kingston, Ontario – to optimize the company’s leak detection activities across a section of the municipal water distribution system.

Water pipeline leakage presents an opportunity for utility companies to significantly improve operating efficiency. The pilot project will see Rezatec provide Utilities Kingston with Artificial Intelligence and Geospatial Analytics. These insights will then allow the utility company to verify that the deployment of acoustic loggers and other ground resources, and repair and maintenance schedules could be significantly optimized by using this technology across the entire municipal system.

The unique combination of Artificial Intelligence and satellite data, when combined with historic leak event data, provides a robust risk model to identify parts of the network at higher risk of failure. By focusing traditional leak detection activities on these high-risk areas, Rezatec’s leakage detection tool can help water companies reduce the time and cost of detecting leaks by more than 60 per cent.

“Utilities Kingston is dedicated to the responsible management of community infrastructure. We’re excited to pilot leading-edge tools to reduce system water loss, which have the potential to improve the water-efficiency of the system we operate,” said Jim Keech, president and CEO of Utilities Kingston.

“Our goal is to help our clients to make more informed critical asset management decisions to reduce leaks, improve margins, gain competitive advantage and optimize asset management for their customers,” commented Philip Briscoe, Chief Operating Officer of Rezatec. “We are very pleased to add Utilities Kingston to our growing list of international water clients spanning Europe, United States, Australia, Philippines and now Canada.”

With the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and satellite data, Rezatec’s goal is to reduce pipeline leakage by detecting the risk of leaks before they happen and as a result stop them from occurring. Work with Utilities Kingston is set to begin in November 2018 and the pilot is expected to last for three months.

To learn more about this project or any of Rezatec’s services, please call +44 (0)1865 817 500.


Rezatec completes follow-on investment led by Harbert European Growth Capital to underpin continued global expansion

World-leading geospatial data analytics company Rezatec has announced a follow-on investment to its 2018 £2m Seed Round equity financing round, with Harbert European Growth Capital now providing a substantial growth debt facility to the Company.  This new facility will lend additional financial support to Rezatec as it continues its rapid rate of new customer acquisition across North America, Africa and Asia Pacific. Rezatec is seeing particularly strong demand for its geospatial data analytics in the Forestry, Infrastructure and Water sectors worldwide. This financing round follows on from a financial year that saw Rezatec subscription revenues grow by 7x from Q1 FY18 to Q4 FY18.

Rezatec plans to significantly expand its portfolio of proprietary geospatial technologies in the coming months. This expansion of Rezatec data science, machine learning and software tools will serve to meet new customer demand in existing vertical markets and beyond. The Company anticipates completing a substantial Series A transaction in the period ahead to finance this expansion of the business and its operations.

Patrick Newton, Chief Executive Officer at Rezatec stated, “We are very pleased to have secured the support of Harbert in building the Rezatec business. Their focus on high growth, innovative technology companies makes them an ideal fit for our business.”

Fahad Khan, Vice President at Harbert European Growth Capital said “We are delighted to partner with Rezatec’s strong management team and give them a global network in addition to capital to help support their growth ambitions. We are pleased to bring our close relationships within the European and American technology sector and welcome Rezatec to a portfolio of over 70 high growth companies”.

Rezatec delivers accurate, cost-efficient, highly valuable and scalable satellite data analytics to optimise the use of natural and man-made assets in the Forestry, Water, Agriculture and Infrastructure sectors.

Rezatec join forces with specialist pipeline inspection and water loss management contractor Detection Services in Australia and New Zealand

Industry-leading geospatial data analytics company Rezatec has announced it has partnered with Australian-based company Detection Services to bring its state-of-the-art satellite data driven asset risk monitoring solutions to Australia and New Zealand.

Detection Services is the largest specialised, technology-based water management services provider in Australasia focusing on developing, sourcing and delivering better ways of managing water resources in the region and offer a broad range of services including condition assessment, trunk main leak detection and monitoring solutions.

Together with Rezatec, the provision of these critical decision support tools will provide unparalleled insights for utility companies for remote asset monitoring to reduce the cost of managing pipeline networks and other assets. The partnership represents the latest stage in Rezatec’s international growth, following recent partnerships in Europe and North America.

Philip Briscoe, Chief Operating Officer at Rezatec stated, “Detection Services is a natural partner for Rezatec in Australia and New Zealand. Their focus on bringing innovative technology solutions to the water industry and their reputation in the region makes them an ideal fit for our business.”

Steve Simmons, Director at Detection services “Adding Rezatec’s services to our portfolio is a great fit and we are confident that the demand in the region is strong for geospatial analytics to meet the increasing challenges of asset monitoring and management we’re currently facing”.

Rezatec and Detection Services will now continue to promote the accurate, cost-efficient, highly valuable and scalable nature of satellite data analytics when used to detect existing leaks, monitor infrastructure assets and predict asset failures.

To find out more visit www.rezatec.com/pipeline or contact Detection Services on +61 2 9651 5263.

Urban Infrastructure Satellite Data

Rezatec enabling cities to become more resilient to environmental and social changes

Rezatec announced today the launch process for a new set of geospatial data analytics to improve the resilience of the world’s cities to changing environmental, economic and social pressures. The Rezatec resilience service delivers data analytics via a web-based portal to infrastructure and urban asset managers providing mission critical insights to support highly-targeted improvements and mitigating actions against subsidence, flooding, climate change and human-related urban landscape changes.

There is an escalating global need for cities to become more resilient to fast-changing human and natural environmental pressures. In tandem, there is also a growing availability of satellite-derived earth observation data that allows the hyper-detailed mapping, monitoring and analysis of the natural landscapes and the built environment.

This initiative addresses the growing requirement for predictive decision-support tools for urban infrastructure managers. Through the evolution of Rezatec’s geospatial data analytics services and the incorporation of new satellite data sources, e.g. ESA’s Sentinel 1 and 2, these tools are set to become the future of strategic urban planning.

The planned service will make use of Rezatec’s machine learning technology and techniques applied to satellite data (using a mixture of sensor types including Optical, Synthetic Aperture Radar, Thermal Infra-Red and LIDAR), Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) devices and Satellite Communications to collect and send ground data from locations where mobile network coverage cannot be relied upon.

This pioneering initiative is supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) as part of the ARTES Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) programme, which is dedicated to funding and promoting the development of space-based applications, services and solutions for the needs of European citizens and society at large.

Philip Briscoe, Business Unit Director, Rezatec, states “We expect the URGED project to have a profound effect on city-regional economic, environmental and human wellbeing by demonstrating the value of space data in enabling strategic investment and decision making to support more resilient development pathways.”

Roberto Cossu, Application Engineer, European Space Agency said “Rezatec’s urban resilience project is important not just in terms of commercial opportunity but its value to future cities to enable them to meet environmental and social challenges.”

Rezatec’s innovative predictive decision-support tools can identify where there is the likely high risk of subsidence and flooding by applying predictive analysis and techniques. These powerful data insights are then provided via subscription-based access to dynamically-updated data analytics as a service, which represents a new commercial model with greater scalability and price advantages than current consulting based approaches.

As an example, the project data products can be used by infrastructure management companies, water companies and town/city authorities to

  • Assess land surface movement and soil subsidence hazard;
  • Identify pipeline segments susceptible to land surface movement;
  • Forecast infrastructure and pipeline damage associated with land surface change;
  • Identify and assess exposure to drainage hazard, and;
  • Provide a relative estimation of urban flood vulnerability.

The initiative kicked-off in May 2016 and Rezatec is has started planning the pilot implementations with named end-users: Welsh Water, Wessex Water, AMEC Foster Wheeler and The Ecological Sequestration Trust (TEST).

Unity Water and Rezatec

Pioneering British business uses satellite data analytics to provide pipeline asset risk solution in Australia

Rezatec, a fast-growing and pioneering UK-based geospatial data analytics company, is reaching new global markets, commencing an innovative project with Australian water and sewerage utility, Unitywater. This project aims to bring water-saving analysis and insight across the globe to help Unitywater reduce water loss, improve operational efficiency and reduce below ground asset management costs.

Unitywater provides water supply and sewerage services to customers in Moreton Bay, Noosa and Sunshine Coast areas, located on the east coast of Australia, just north of Brisbane, Queensland. Its priority is to provide a fast-growing customer base with a high quality, safe and reliable water supply and sewerage service that is economically and environmentally sustainable.

Unitywater operates and maintains more than $AU 3.1 billion of essential service infrastructure, supplying services to more than 300,000 customers spread across a network of more than 11,000km of water mains and sewer pipes. All water companies, wherever they operate in the world, want to minimize the water lost from pipes – Unitywater is no exception. Unitywater is specifically investigating innovative methods of non-destructive, leak detection on trunk water mains (16% of their pipeline network) that do not interrupt the day-to-day service. A proportion of the Unitywater trunk water mains are located in remote bushland terrain, which means that conventional detection methods cannot be used. These ground conditions differ from those found in the UK, presenting a new challenge for the technology.

As part of this approach, Unitywater is now trialling Rezatec’s asset risk satellite data analytics service on a 200km2 area of the Sunshine Coast combining both rural and urban areas. The first phase of the project focuses on a retrospective analysis of the last 12 months’ actual leakage data in order to calibrate with Rezatec’s analytical techniques. Following a successful first phase, the second phase will be to accurately monitor and predict future pipeline leaks in a live trial.

“Unitywater is a progressive organisation and we’re always looking for new and innovative methods to improve operations, keep costs as low as possible and provide an excellent service to our customers. This project fits very well with our values and our vision.” Simon Taylor, Executive Manager Infrastructure Planning & Capital Delivery, Unitywater.

In order to achieve the historic and predictive analysis, Rezatec initially acquires and processes a range of Earth Observation (EO) data sets including optical and radar satellite data, and soil and weather data. Then, applying its proprietary analytical techniques, Rezatec measures anomalous vegetation growth, soil moisture fluctuations and minute variations in terrain movement to deliver an impressive data product capable of detecting and predicting pipeline leakage in order to more effectively deploy ground resources and save operational costs and inefficiencies.

“Rezatec is experiencing great success providing UK water companies with valuable and cost effective tools derived from our unique geospatial data analytics. And now our expansion into the Australian market, working firstly with Unitywater, validates the global demand and application for our EO decision-support tools.” Philip Briscoe, Business Unit Director, Rezatec.

In the booming UK space sector, Rezatec has developed a unique set of data products and services for the global utilities, agriculture and energy sectors, allowing truly informed decision-making in relation to land and asset management.

Rezatec currently works with one third of UK water companies including Scottish Water, South West Water, Portsmouth Water and Bristol Water providing geospatial data analytics around below ground asset management, peatland restoration and management and agricultural land use diffuse pollution mapping and risk assessment.


New Satellite Applications Case Study on Rezatec

‘The view from above’, The Environmentalist, December 2014

Rezatec is featured in the December edition of The Environmentalist: “The view from above”.

Download the article here.