Geospatial data analytics for the management of forested assets

Our satellite data analytics service provides specific forested asset decision-support and alleviates the multiple challenges of those responsible for the stewardship of the world’s forests.

Through the analysis of Earth Observation data, Rezatec can provide accurate information relating to key agroforestry issues such as forest density, canopy cover, biosecurity threats and standing volumes.

Traditional approaches to collecting forestry data typically depend on the use of fieldwork to perform inventories, or estimations made based on historical planting figures. These approaches can lead to inaccurate, out-of-date figures that do not give a true net picture of forest cover and health. It is then difficult to take informed decisions about how best to manage forests at a macro and micro level.

Using our advanced technology and data analyzing techniques, we can provide considerable insight into deforestation trends, tree pathogen spread, species definition, storm damage and more.

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Valuable Information for Forested Asset Management

Rezatec provides forestry information to forest owners and managers, including government agencies, private and national forest owners, and forest insurers/re-insurers, who can:

  • Establish regular forestry inventories for rapid stock assessment to assist insurance claims
  • Track changes to forest canopy cover and inform land-use decisions
  • Distinguish between native woodland and non-native forests
  • Monitor deforestation and predict areas at high risk of habitat damage and threatened biodiversity
  • Access accurate forestry information for informing carbon management and greenhouse gas sequestration decisions
  • Perform accurate tree counts to assess standing volume
  • Ensure planting is in-line with recommended tree densities
  • Detect early signs of tree stress
  • Predict disease and the spread of tree pathogens, such as larch dieback, at a plantation level
  • Identify and delineate windblow damage for insurance claims

Find out more by downloading our latest datasheets on some of the specific forestry applications of our geospatial data analytics:


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