Water Management

Geospatial data analytics for managing water resources, treatment and supply.

Rezatec provides satellite data analytics for the global water industry. With the mission to provide an ever-increasing population with clean drinking water and the safe treatment of waste water, the need for an environmentally-sensitive, sustainable and cost-effective approach is a top priority.

Rezatec helps businesses involved in the production, provision and treatment of water make critical decisions about their water catchments and land-based assets through the analysis of sophisticated satellite imagery and data.

Using proprietary algorithms and modelling we can substantially reduce the cost of monitoring and predicting natural and anthropogenic environmental change, providing powerful insight to support catchment decision-making and asset management.

Catchment/Watershed Management  Asset Management/Pipeline Leakage









Image: Copernicus Sentinel data (2015)/ESA

Powerful Insight for Water Industry Decision Makers

Our landscape intelligence service provides the strategic and operational decision makers of the water industry, agronomists, farmers and land owners with an opportunity to:

  • Better manage water storage and water quality in peatlands
  • Mitigate the risk of upstream water pollution by monitoring areas of high-risk
  • Address pollution at source and reduce the need for additional water treatment
  • Predict where and when diffuse pollutants might enter waterways
  • Reduce cost and energy usage of downstream water treatment plants
  • Better understand land-use changes and impact on pollutant load in a river
  • Improve compliance with water quality regulations

Find out more by downloading our latest datasheets on some of the specific water management applications of our geospatial data analytics:


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