Catchment Management / Watershed Management

Geoanalytics for Actionable Catchment/Watershed Intelligence and Landscape Decision Support


Effective catchment/watershed management is vital for water companies to achieve the highest water quality standards whilst reducing the need to undertake expensive treatment downstream. This means mapping, measuring, monitoring and predicting change across landscapes within catchments in order to better understand the relationship between the natural environment, land use and water quality.

Using Earth Observation Data for Natural Water Resource Management

Using our unique algorithms and geospatial data processing techniques, we can derive highly valuable insights from satellite imagery and data.


 Crop Mapping

 Land Use

 Diffuse Pollution Risk

 Water Quantity Risk

 Soil Erosion Risk

 Habitat Mapping

 Peatland Integrity Assessment

 And more


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How can I use this insight?

Summary of benefits
  • Map, measure and monitor unlimited catchment areas without the expense of deploying people on the ground
  • Use landscape intelligence tools such as colour-coded risk maps to support decision making around the relationship between land use and water quality
  • Use regularly updated analytics to formulate remediation plans, help meet regulatory compliance and reduce the cost of water treatment
  • Map agricultural land use at field level across a large areas with routine updates
  • Identify previously unknown hotspots of agricultural pollution
  • Predict future diffuse pollution based on the crop growth cycle and other agricultural uses
  • Improve management of water abstraction by predicting changes in diffuse pollution based on precipitation and water flow
  • Access easy-to-understand visualised analytics through an online subscription-based geospatial portal
  • Communicate easy-to-interpret information to a wide range of stakeholders and land owners to support engagement programmes.