Earth Observation vs. Lidar for Forestry Analytics

Is satellite-derived intelligence an alternative to Lidar for forestry management decision support?

Forest analytics is a complex business, requiring the sophisticated analysis of data gathered across sometimes vast geographical areas. Delivering it can be done using networks of ground-based sensors, aerial sensors such as drones or Lidar data, and geospatial data sourced from satellites. This analysis improves the efficiency of ground team deployment, reduces associated logistics and materials costs and enables intelligent planning for forest operational activities. Find out more by downloading our thought-leadership editorial that discusses the concept further with a focus on the benefits of using Earth Observation versus Lidar data.

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Our Forestry Innovation Article

Our thought-leadership editorial looks at the benefits of using satellite-driven analysis of a forested asset in comparison to using Lidar. We also consider how the two techniques can work together where appropriate to provide comprehensive forestry intelligence for a broad range of budgets, geographical coverage and analytical requirements.

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