FREE GUIDE: Precision Grassland Management with Earth Observation Data Analytics.

Pasture information gathered by earth observing satellites delivers valuable insights to help farmers improve the management of their grasslands. Read our latest guide to discover…

  • How to reduce the cost and effort of manual grass measurement activities, e.g. plate meters
  • Satellite Data and AI can support a smarter approach to grassland management
  • New tools for daily, farm-wide monitoring of grass yield and quality to optimise grazing performance & silage harvest
  • New paddock health assessments to identify areas for remediation, e.g. fertiliser application
  • How to reduce the cost of supplementary dry feed

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Find out how manage your pasture grassland more effectively.

Confronted by growing demand and economic challenges, farmers are increasingly looking for new ways to cuts costs and optimise farm management. Offering critical daily grazing intelligence, the sophisticated analysis of satellite-derived imagery and other geospatial data looks set to become a key tool to keep grassland farms competitive.

Remotely Senses Pasture Intelligence

Advanced Wedge Analysis Tool

Keep Grassland Farms Competitive

“This guide reveals how we are able to drastically improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of water network management though intelligent, satellite-driven decision support.”

Philip Briscoe, COO, Rezatec

“This completely changed the way I thought about the future of network management. There are serious improvements to be made and now the technology exists to make it a reality.”

Water industry expert

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