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Acquedotto del Fiora adopts Geospatial AI to drive down leakage and inform asset improvement program


Italian utility, Acquedotto del Fiora has implemented Rezatec’s Geospatial AI, Pipeline Risk product across 674kms of their water network to continue their mission of becoming a more data driven utility.

In Italy, regulation to reduce water leakage and provide a secure water supply is a fundamental part of resolution 917/2017. Many water utilities are stepping up their game to comply with the regulations.

In response to this, Acquedotto del Fiora has invested heavily in improving their data over the last year. The utility started with a standard GIS approach, which enabled them to have a better understanding of their network, and kickstart the implementation of a more advanced solution – Geospatial AI.

“We’re excited to undertake work with ISOIL and Rezatec. Our goal is to drive down leakage and intelligently inform our capital improvement program. We’re impressed with Rezatec’s capability to predict likelihood of failure, and although we’re a smaller utility this allows us to replicate the operations of much larger utilities, with much larger budgets” commented Piero Ferrari, Chief Operating Officer, Acquedotto del Fiora SPA.

Acquedotto del Fiora joins the likes of multi-utility HERA in the adoption of Rezatec’s Pipeline Risk product, through partner ISOIL.

By using a more advanced approach, Acquedotto del Fiora will be able to continue building on the existing data for their network, whilst advancing intelligent leak detection and pipeline replacement programs, enabled by understanding the likelihood of failure of each section of pipe.

“Rezatec’s Geospatial AI continues to help utilities better understand their water networks, intelligently prioritise investment and improve their leakage results. Budgets are always tight, and this is enabling utilities to make smarter decision, whilst optimising the budget they have, along with where engineers need to focus their time” added Luca Scansetti, Water Utility Service Manager, ISOIL Industria SPA.

The Geospatial AI product works by using historic pipe failure data to build a model, which then analyses data about the material, diameter and age of the asset. This is combined with environmental data including soil and terrain inputs, as well as satellite data. The model continues to learn as more data is fed in and will continue increasing in accuracy, month on month.

“With more utilities using Rezatec’s Pipeline Risk product, we are helping them to prioritise investment in infrastructure, whilst making significant savings in maintenance and repair. It’s all about optimising the budget and resource available, by becoming more proactive, efficient and resilient” commented Philip Briscoe, Chief Operating Officer, Rezatec.

Pipeline Risk highlights the pipes that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line, for example, by cutting non-targeted upgrade costs and preventing perfectly good pipes from being dug up.

You can learn more about Rezatec’s water management solutions here.

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