Binnies and Rezatec launch Intelligent satellite-based iDMS

Binnies and Rezatec launch their Intelligent satellite-based Dam Monitoring System, iDMS


Binnies and Rezatec launch their Intelligent satellite-based Dam Monitoring System, iDMS

This Strategic Partnership combines Binnies’ reservoir expertise and digital ecosystem services with Rezatec’s leading Geospatial AI techniques to deliver strategic reservoir safety, operational and commercial benefits.

The announcement comes shortly after Binnies (previously Black & Veatch’s water businesses in Europe and Asia), joined leading integrated environmental, engineering and technical services business, RSK Group, earlier in January 2021.

iDMS, a remote monitoring service, uses Geospatial data to pinpoint any movement in the dam’s structure, down to a few millimetres of displacement. In addition to precise movement, satellite data identifies other indicators of problems with dam infrastructure, such as vegetation moisture and vigour, which can signal water seepage. This provides a unique risk management tool that supports and enhances existing reservoir safety best practice, while being both scalable and cost effective.

Big data from long-term retrospective and ongoing satellite monitoring, at weekly frequencies, along with data science and analytics, enables reservoir owners to optimise operational practices and ensure the resilience of their long-term reservoir safety strategy.

“We are really excited to be bringing a new perspective to reservoir owners’ ongoing efforts to improve reservoir safety,” stated Rachel Pether, All Reservoirs Panel Engineer, Binnies. “iDMS will baseline a dam’s unique basal rhythm of movement, within millimetre accuracy alongside moisture content, providing valuable insights and enhanced resilience in dam safety for asset owners. The data will be used to provide a more detailed risk profile, prioritise future investment and enable focused operational activity to improve reservoir safety. This new data set brings a new science to monitoring reservoir asset health.

Our world is changing at an exponential rate with the availability of data and our ability to process it quickly and meaningfully becoming an ever-increasing challenge for our clients, who are under immense pressure to deliver and manage their assets in safer, more efficient and more intelligent ways. Binnies is at the forefront of creating the digital ecosystem that meets this challenge. By integrating innovative products and services we are harnessing the power of data and combining it with over 100 years of engineering expertise to significantly and positively disrupt the utility sector.

“Rezatec is passionate about providing world-class analytics to help dam and reservoir owners become more proactive, efficient and resilient to the challenges we’re facing,” commented Philip Briscoe, Chief Operating Officer, Rezatec. “Our partnership with Binnies and launch of iDMS will further enable dam and reservoir owners to ensure safety and manage asset risk.”

iDMS is part of Binnies’ Digital ECO-X suite of products, our cloud-based ecosystem, which enables integration of multiple data sets across multiple partners like Rezatec providing asset management tools seamlessly with utility clients’ IT systems. For more information, visit‑

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