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TRC and a large Midwest utility aim to reduce water loss and electricity consumption using Rezatec’s geospatial AI technology


TRC Companies, a digitally-powered and environmentally-focused global professional services firm, and a large Midwest utility, join forces to support water utilities in Illinois by using Rezatec’s innovative Geospatial AI software to help reduce water loss and electricity consumption.

As communities across the country struggle to maintain their aging water infrastructure, there is an estimated 6 billion gallons of water being wasted per day. In Chicago, over 60 million gallons of treated water is lost per day, totalling 22 billion gallons per year, due to leaking pipes.

TRC proposed a pilot for a large Midwest utility that saves electricity by partnering with local communities and supporting upgrades to their water infrastructure. The pilot is funded by the Midwest utility and seeks to identify, and create plans to fix water leaks in municipal infrastructure.

With TRC’s commitment to innovation and transformative digital solutions, TRC sought non-invasive and cost-effective technologies to reduce water loss for municipal water systems, and ultimately partnered with the leading Geospatial AI SaaS provider, Rezatec.

“The partnership between Rezatec’s technology and TRC’s expertise allows for us to assess pipeline infrastructure across multiple water utilities in a cost-effective way and propose a pilot for four municipal water systems,” said Project Manager, Beth Baxter, TRC.

Rezatec’s Pipeline Risk product works by using historic pipe failure data to predict future pipeline failures. The product works to identify current leaks and predict future pipe failures by combining data about the material, diameter and age of the assets with soil types, weather, terrain and vegetation changes. The system will continue to learn as more data is ingested, increasing in accuracy month over month.

In accordance with the pilot, TRC and the utility are deploying the Pipeline Risk technology across four community water utilities in Northeast Illinois, evaluating the potable water infrastructure and putting together a plan of where, and when, to focus investment.

Chief Operating Officer, Philip Briscoe at Rezatec commented “It’s exciting to see Rezatec’s Pipeline Risk product being used in such an innovative way; to reduce electricity consumption and water loss, as well as support data-driven capital improvement plans. It’s all about optimizing the budget and resources available, by becoming more proactive, efficient, and resilient.”

You can learn more about Rezatec’s water management solutions here.

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