Satellite data intelligence for advanced peatland management, restoration and monitoring

Geoanalytics for actionable Water Industry Insights used for Catchment Management and Water Quality Control at Water Source

The management of peatland is vital to achieve improvements in water quality in catchment management (watershed management) work. Peatland degradation, driven by environmental and anthropogenic changes to peat-rich landscapes, can lead to high levels of dissolved organic carbon (DOC). This in turn can significantly increase treatment costs required to meet water quality standards. The analysis of earth observation data can be used to map areas of peatland, identify signs of degraded peat-rich land and monitor large areas for early signs of negative impact on peat integrity. As a key part of any catchment management programme, where DOC is entering the waterways, this peatland management approach, informed by satellite data, improves efficiency and results of peatland restoration efforts and reduces operational costs of water infrastructure assets, such as water treatment works, further downstream from managed water sources.


Our satellite data analytics can inform decisions related to catchment management and peatland restoration projects.

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Water infrastructure issues, such as pipeline leakage and wastewater pipeline leakage, can also be detected and monitored from space.

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