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Case Study

Providing DEFRA with access to unique satellite-derived forestry intelligence

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The Problem

In the South West of England, there has been a Sweet Chestnut blight (Cryphonectria parasitica) outbreak and it is not known how long it has been in existence.

DEFRA has some known locations of Sweet Chestnut within this area, measured before and after late December 2016. A decision was taken to investigate the use of Earth Observation data from Rezatec to help understand the development of the outbreak in order to efficiently deploy ground-team resources for remedial activity.

The Solution

Covering an agreed Area of Interest, Rezatec provided DEFRA with access to unique, satellite- derived data products, including: Species Identification: Specifically looking at Sweet Chestnut and Oak trees, and Change Detection: Assessing for stressed Sweet Chestnut trees using Earth Observation data covering the assigned area over a time series of captured data.

The Outcome

With an easy-to-use interface and visualised geospatial data layers, Rezatec dashboard-driven platform provides an opportunity for DEFRA to analyse and interrogate the information and make intelligent decisions based on real data. This is a powerful outcome supporting DEFRA’s challenge to understand and manage this outbreak as well as similar future occurrences.

DEFRA can now:

  • Understand the fine scale distribution of Sweet Chestnut and Oak trees in a target area
  • Detect any anomalous signs of tree stress and health issues
  • Monitor for early-warning signals of plant disease spread
  • Integrate ground truthing data and an extended time-series of data for a complete picture

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