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The Dangers of Inadequate Dam Monitoring

With 15,500 dams in the United States being classified as high-hazard potential, safety managers need new data sets and approaches to dam inspection. This article explores how continuous monitoring can:

Fill the data gaps

Provides retrospective monitoring data, plots trends over time and highlights potential movements.

Reduce costs

Insights remove the need for non-targeted inspection.

Target investment

Data enables spend to be focused on remedial work that matters.

Dam monitoring

Remote. Scalable. Cost-effective.

Dam Monitoring empowers operators to dynamically manage the integrity and safety of your entire asset base: remotely, at scale, cost-effectively. It tracks unusual changes in ground motion, vegetation and moisture using satellite and multiple data feeds combined with advanced AI. Retrospective and current analysis build a unique picture over time. Access our interactive platform for frequent, accurate insights and alerts on anomalous activity, without the need for site inspections.

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Take a look at geospatial AI in action. Explore how satellite data can provide a view of your entire asset base across vast areas. Discover how analytics drill down to a level of detail you never knew existed.