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Manage pasture grassland more effectively

Confronted by growing demand and economic challenges, farmers are increasingly looking for new ways to cut costs and optimise farm management. Offering critical daily grazing intelligence, the sophisticated analysis of satellite-derived imagery and other geospatial data looks set to become a key tool to keep grassland farms competitive.

Remotely sensed pasture intelligence

Reduce the cost and effort of manual grass measurement activities.

Advanced wedge management tool

Daily, farm-wide monitoring of grass yield and quality to optimise grazing performance and silage harvest.

Maximise grass yield

Health assessments identify areas for fertiliser application to maximise yield and reduce supplementary dry feed costs.

Grass SAT

Optimise your most important asset

Taking the leg work out of pasture management.

See how we can help

Take a look at geospatial AI in action. Explore how satellite data can provide a view of your entire asset base across vast areas. Discover how analytics drill down to a level of detail you never knew existed.