Seven Reasons you need Geospatial AI for Dam Safety | Guides | Rezatec

Gaining new insights with technology

Dam owners are under increasing pressure to maintain the integrity of every dam safely, accurately and cost-effectively.

As dam owners around the world are discovering, geospatial AI is a new tool that helps to achieve just that.

When incorporating remote monitoring for dam portfolios, owners need to think about the factors that set geospatial AI apart from other tools. This article looks at the seven advantages that geospatial AI delivers which are just not available with other conventional approaches:

Three year historical analysis

Retrospective view establishes a baseline of normal behaviour for the structure and a key measure in identifying any anomalous behaviour.

Millimetre accuracy

Rezatec’s sophisticated processing and analytics is incredibly accurate, able to pick up movements of just 2-3 mm.

Cost-effective scalability

Data enables dam owners to deploy resources to the right place at the right time.

Dam Monitoring

Remote, scalable, cost-effective

Dam Monitoring empowers operators to dynamically manage the integrity and safety of your entire asset base: remotely, at scale, cost-effectively. It tracks unusual changes in ground motion, vegetation and moisture using satellite and multiple data feeds combined with advanced AI. Retrospective and current analysis build a unique picture over time. Access our interactive platform for frequent, accurate insights and alerts on anomalous activity, without the need for site inspections.

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Take a look at geospatial AI in action. Explore how satellite data can provide a view of your entire asset base across vast areas. Discover how analytics drill down to a level of detail you never knew existed.