How To Reduce Reactive Pipeline Repairs Using Geospatial AI

Break-Free: How To Reduce Reactive Pipeline Repairs Using Geospatial AI

If you’re spending time and financial resources responding to pipeline leaks and failures after they happen, now is the time to break free from the cycle. In this brand-new webinar, Rezatec experts show you how Geospatial AI can enable proactive upgrades, reduce water loss and maximize the value in your network.

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Webinar happened on Tuesday, 6th September 2022 at 4:00 PM (GMT)

If your utility company is spending too much time and money responding to leaks or pipeline failures, this webinar will show you how to break free.  

Geospatial AI is helping organizations around the world to identify pipeline risk with unprecedented accuracy across vast areas. This means you could use the technology to reduce water losses, spot expensive, disruptive breaks before they occur and get proactive with a more efficient upgrades program. 

Join Rezatec experts for this brand-new, 30-minute webinar on Tuesday 6 September. You’ll learn how the technology combines satellite data with advanced algorithms to help you zone in on what matters, remotely, cost-effectively and at scale.  


Jonathan Hicks

Job Title: Customer Success Manager

Company: Rezatec

Aleksandra Karnicka

Job Title: Product Owner

Company: Rezatec

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