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Making The A-Grade: How to ace dam monitoring and get top marks for safety using Geospatial AI

Watch our brand-new webinar, hosted by Rezatec’s Product Manager Camilla Braithwaite, to discover the benefits of using Geospatial AI to monitor the condition of your dam using satellite data.

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Webinar happened on Thursday, 11th November 2021 at 4:00 PM (GMT)

When the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) made its assessment of US dams earlier this year, it was not the kind of report card you want to rush home with. The ‘D’ is a collective score, covering dams nationwide, but it has left many within the sector wondering what can be done to raise the grade.

New technology that utilizes data collected via satellite, along with advanced algorithms, is helping dam owners to gain top marks for monitoring and public safety. In this brand-new free webinar, we’ll show you how.

Rezatec’s Camilla Braithwaite hosted the virtual class, explaining how Geospatial AI enables you to:

  • Remotely monitor your dams across vast areas at scale
  • Identify anomalies within your infrastructure without waiting for manual inspections
  • Improve efficiency by deploying engineers to the right place, right time
  • Improve public safety by reducing the risk of dam failure

You’ll also get an in-depth explanation of how Geospatial AI delivers new insights to supercharge your dam safety programs and improve efficiency. You’ll also see real examples of the technology working for dams across the US.

Camilla Braithwaite

Job Title: Product Manager

Company: Rezatec

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