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Digitalizing Dam Safety: Monitoring Urban Change using Geospatial AI

Watch our new product launch webinar to discover how you can use Geospatial AI to monitor urban change and improve public safety.


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Webinar happened on Thursday, 22nd July 2021 at 3:00 PM (GMT)

Dams are one of the most high-risk assets across the United States and are classified by their size and hazard potential. More people live downstream than ever before and according to the UN most of the world’s population will live downstream of a large dam by 2050.

To add to the challenges federal and state regulators face, the recent Infrastructure Card Report states that high-hazard-potential dams have more than doubled in the last 20 years, as development encroaches on rural dams and reservoirs.

With over 91,000 dams across the country and limited resources, how can regulators ensure all dams are classified correctly and have the appropriate safety measures in place?

During this 45 minute session we discussed how Geospatial AI can help you:

  • Remotely identify urban development downstream of each dam
  • Proactively monitor and respond to urban development risks across all dams in your state
  • Better optimize dam safety resources to locations where change is occurring

We will also explored how Geospatial AI works, how you can prioritise site visits from the comfort of your desk and improve your public safety programs.

Camilla Braithwaite

Job Title: Product Manager

Company: Rezatec

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