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Risk Analytics: Using Satellite Data to Monitor Dams

Join us to explore how satellite data analytics can change the way you manage the integrity and safety of your entire asset base – remotely, at scale, cost effectively.

Hear from Australian water utility, Hunter Water, as they examine their challenges and discuss the impact Rezatec’s Dam Monitoring solution is having on their dam safety and maintenance operations.

Webinar Details

Webinar happened on Wednesday, 11th November 2020 at 10:00 PM (GMT)

Watch now and get the fast-track on:

  • Satellite data analytics 101:
    • How the technology works
    • Is it accurate?
    • Capabilities and benefits
  • Grahamstown Dam: Assessing risk across a two-lane highway
    • Hunter Water explore how Rezatec’s Dam Monitoring analytics have transformed their approach to safety and maintenance in a hazardous environment
  • See it in action: Dam Monitoring platform demonstration
    • Building a full risk profile using historic and current data
    • Spotting unusual dam movement and tracking trends
    • Monitoring surrounding environment/vegetation

“Rezatec’s analytics are very accurate and were able to detect movements associated with historical works that had taken place, that they had no knowledge of.” Daniel Turnbull, Dam Safety Engineer, Hunter Water. “We are also able to see trends of movement at more frequent intervals than would be practical with traditional survey techniques, all achieved with zero risk to on-site personnel”

Brought to you by Rezatec and AssetLife Alliance, this webinar will bring dam owners and operators up to speed on new, proven technologies that enable you to prioritise maintenance and upgrade works, cut non-targeted inspection and maintenance costs, diminish health & safety risks and reduce the risk of dam failure.

Daniel Turnbull

Job Title: Dams Safety Engineer

Company: Hunter Water Corporation

Martin Guthrie

Job Title: Senior Partner Manager

Company: Rezatec

Ian Garside

Job Title: Partner / Principal Engineer

Company: Assetlife Alliance

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