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Geospatial Data Analytics: Using Satellites to Enrich Our View of the World

This webinar co-hosted by Black & Veatch, Rezatec and HERA Group explored the use of satellite data analytics for monitoring pipeline risks.

Webinar Details

Webinar happened on Tuesday, 3rd November 2020 at 4:00 PM (GMT)

During this webinar we discussed:

Maurizia Brunetti from HERA and Camilla Braithwaite from Rezatec joined Mark Kaney from Black & Veatch to discuss their path from pilot study to full deployment using Geospatial AI to prioritise their network, improve leakage detection and maintenance.

Using Rezatec’s Pipeline Risk product, HERA’s engineering team are identifying up to twice as many leaks compared to previous methods.

“Rezatec’s solution was able to provide us with the appropriate accuracy to identify leaks and will help inform our pipeline replacement program going forward.” Maurizia Brunetti, Water Supply Technical Coordination Manager Hera Group.

Not only can HERA’s engineering team use the product to find the pipe sections that are most likely to have a leak to prioritise maintenance, repairs or use of sensors, but HERA can take a more proactive, strategic approach to asset replacement programs in the long term.

Rezatec’s product, Pipeline Risk, helps Hera prioritise pipeline replacement by assessing the likelihood of failure in each section of pipe using historic pipe failure data to build a model which analyses data about the material, diameter and age of the asset, as well as the soil and terrain that surrounds it. The other metric that is required is the consequence or impact if that failure were to occur. Rezatec’s solution can express the consequence of failure as a cost to the utility that takes into account the number and type of customers affected, third party liability, transport interruptions and the direct cost of digging up and replacing the pipe itself.

Retrospective analysis of data from 2016-2018, for a 490km section of HERA’s water network gave them the confidence in the Rezatec solution. HERA is now engaged in a roll out of the product across another 2,800 km of its network in 2020, to inform the wider infrastructure replacement and maintenance programs for each year.

Camilla Braithwaite

Job Title: Product Manager

Company: Rezatec

Mark Kaney

Job Title: Director of Asset management - Europe

Company: Black & Veatch

Maurizia Brunetti

Job Title: Water Supply Technical Coordination Manager

Company: HERA Group

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