EuroConsult, a leading international consulting and analyst firm specialized in space markets, have put on their 9th annual summit on Earth Observation Business at The Westin in Paris, which concludes today, 15th September 2017.

Philip Briscoe, Rezatec’s Chief Operating Officer, was asked to join the exciting panel discussion on the current state and future possibilities of Big Data Analytics. Covering hot topics such as the use of artificial intelligence, creating truly actionable intelligence and innovative applications of geospatial Big Data analytics, the discussion promises to be broad and diverse.

The future of EO-based services depends on the pioneering work of companies like Rezatec in finding creative and commercially viable applications of space data analytics.
Philip Briscoe stated before the event. “I’m really looking forward to engaging with the thought leaders of the EO industry and believe passionately that the satellite data analytics work we do at Rezatec holds incredibly powerful benefits for global organisations across multiple sectors, from utilities to infrastructure to agriculture and beyond.”

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