Utilities Kingston is a multi-utility provider of water, wastewater, gas, electrical, and broadband services to the residents of Kingston, Ontario.

The utility wanted to explore if satellite data analytics could be used to provide accurate and actionable insights for proactive risk monitoring and resource optimization across their water networks, with a view to reducing maintenance and upgrade costs and NRW (non-revenue water).

Rezatec was tasked with providing a retrospective assessment of the risk of leak/burst events across a pilot area of interest within the Utilities Kingston network. The area of interest was a mixture of urban and rural locations and consisted of 577 km (346 miles) of clean water pipelines across approximately 200 sq.km. (77 sq. miles).

To do this, Rezatec created a digital map of the network, using pipeline attributes and historic incident event data supplied by the Utilities Kingston. This was supplemented with geospatial data-sets collected from satellite imagery and ground data and combined to create a pipeline Likelihood of Failure risk map.

To learn more about the project and what the results were, read our case study.

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