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Optimising Production of Sugar Beet With Geospatial Data Analytics

Rezatec’s Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for sugar beet processors combines remote sensing and data science to assist with procurement and inputs optimisations for processors and their contract farmers. During the procurement planning phase, processors need visibility of historical crop rotations for every field in the catchment areas around their production facilities. Without the need for scouts, soon after planting, processors are able to identify the fields that are planted with sugar beet and monitor the sugar beet crops throughout the growing season for compliance to recipes/guidance – through to estimating a more accurate harvest date field by field.

By improving visibility over sugar crops, processors have better crop volume and harvest time estimates earlier in the planning process, which in turn allows for more accurate procurement for the factory processes. Satellite data coupled with crop modelling and AI tools enables processors to be more fully informed so that in-season planning, and mitigation actions are more effective. Digitizing the sugar beet field by field crop data across all relevant catchment areas will facilitate improved pre-season planning, procurement and farmer interactions.

Beet crop planning

Pre-season crop rotation planning and farmer procurement support.

Beet crop monitoring and analysis

In-season crop identification and volume estimation.

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Intelligent Sugar Beet Farming

Rezatec uniquely combines remote sensing analysis with data science to deliver Geospatial AI. Using machine learning driven statistical processing of satellite imagery and selected data inputs Rezatec provides proactive risk management as a data service for your whole catchments. With subscription-based online access to our geospatial portal, our customers use our expertise and data driven analysis to enable more efficient processing throughout the supply chain. Rezatec customers cover the globe and are leaders in their respective industries in the water, agriculture, infrastructure and forestry sectors.

Insight for Sugar Beet Producers

Critical information is delivered daily for entire factory catchments

Faced with increasing global competitive pressures, regulatory requirements and logistics costs it is critical that sugar beet processors are able to optimise their factory planning and procurement processes. How well manufacturers respond to these challenges will mean the difference between profit and loss in some years.

  • Pre-season crop rotation planning
  • Inform pre-season farmer procurement
  • In-season crop identification
  • Estimate volume – improve factory inputs planning
  • Improve crop yield – with satellite crop condition index
  • Enable Just in time harvesting/harvest sequencing
  • Enables feedback to contract farmers
  • Contributes to improving farmer interaction

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