Geospatial data analytics for agriculture

Businesses involved in agriculture, from farmers to FMCG companies, can benefit from our innovative agricultural monitoring techniques and resulting satellite-derived data analytics services.

Some of the developing challenges of this sector include coping with unpredictable weather patterns as well as longer-term changes in climate, variable water supplies as a result of droughts and floods, changing soil conditions, the need to control the impact of fertilisers and pesticides on the environment and meeting growing levels of global demand for core commodities such as wheat, sugar, palm oil, soy and beef, whilst ensuring supply chain sustainability and resilience. Also changing regional quotas for crop production are forcing farmers to compete in wider international markets, often creating new pressures on pricing.

To counter these regional and global challenges, growers and processors are looking for ways to increase production yields and reduce processing costs. We take satellite data, combine it with weather information and then apply agro-meteorological and biophysical data modelling to help accurately forecast and optimise crop yields. At the macro-environmental level, accurately forecasting crop yields can help to alleviate adverse market reactions due to potential food shortages, and ultimately help to ensure food security. Having information about crop yields can also help food processors to better control their production processes and supply chains so that they can become more efficient and sustainable producers.

“An integrated land management perspective and tools are urgently needed that integrate social, environmental, economic dynamics on both supply and demand sides.” Dr Jeremy Woods, Imperial College London









Image: Copernicus Sentinel data (2015)/ESA

Commercial Intelligence for Agribusinesses

Using the most appropriate Earth Observation techniques from a multitude of data sources including satellite optical and RADAR data, aerial and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) imagery and ground-based observations, we provide decision support tools to help agribusinesses:

  • Improve crop yield and reduce production costs
  • Measure and monitor crops for evidence of yield improvement and cost reduction
  • Plan crops for better use of resources on a season by season basis
  • Forecast yield for optimizing logistics and storage for food processors
  • Assure responsible sourcing approach, e.g. zero deforestation
  • Improve supply chain resilience
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Disseminate information amongst stakeholders
  • Analyze historic land use
  • Assess environmental and carbon impact

Decision-support tools include:

  • Crop identification and field mapping
  • Crop health and early stress detection
  • Pasture management
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Productivity and profitability
  • Sustainability assessment
  • And more


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