Optimising Grass Management With Geospatial Data Analytics

Optimising Grass Management With Geospatial Data Analytics

Rezatec’s Grass Management tool uses remote sensing combined with grass growth modelling to forecast a daily grass cover value (Kg DM per ha) and health assessment for every paddock and field throughout the entire grazing season.

Through the sophisticated analysis of satellite-derived imagery and other geospatial data, we provide pasture intelligence to optimise rotational grazing visually depicted as a grazing wedge, sorting grass cover from highest to lowest volumes for all your paddocks. Farmers can then optimise grazing management, maximise silage production and reduce the amount of supplementary dry feed required, and reduce the time and cost of manually obtaining grass measurements.

Quick and easy grass management

Available as a self-service online tool

Daily monitoring of grass yield and quality

Optimise grazing performance & silage harvest

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Easy to use

With subscription-based access to a geospatial portal, our customers can benefit from online daily updates of grazing cover estimates and other key insights presented as a set of clear and actionable visualised maps and charts.

Setting-up your farm in the portal is simple with a step-by-step template allowing you to map your fields and paddocks, add herd information, pre-set pre-grazing, post-grazing and post-cutting values and add grass management activities which can be easily updated throughout the season.

Grazing Intelligence

Critical information is delivered daily for grazing and silage paddocks including:

  • Wedge and non-wedge analysis
  • Amount of grass available for grazing
  • Grass growth since last measurement
  • Grass growth per day

  • Number of days to graze each paddock
  • Grass quality assessment
  • Average grass cover across the farm

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