Understanding Forest Biomass & Carbon Stock

using geospatial data analytics

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The Business Challenge

Forests play a key role in carbon and other biogeochemical cycles, which are important processes that help to support life on earth. Forests contribute by acting as large carbon and nutrient sinks and by fixing CO2 through photosynthesis. Understanding a forest’s biomass and carbon stock can help to quantify the amount of carbon loss during deforestation or the
amount of carbon that a forest can store when they are regenerated.

This is of paramount importance for the design and implementation of effective sustainable forest management plans and forest-related policies. In large managed forests it is often difficult to get up to date, accurate, spatially explicit information on Biomass & Carbon Stock across the area. To date, managers and policy makers have typically relied on estimating this using existing information, which can be incomplete or out of date.

Detailed biomass mapping

Map the levels of biomass and carbon stock within a selected area.

Plan biomass improvements

Identify opportunities to improve biomass and carbon stocks.

Quantify your forests

Quantify total biomass and carbon stock of entire forests.

Shareable intelligence

Share valuable forested asset data with key stakeholders.

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Powerful Insight

Our unique geospatial intelligence for understanding forest biomass and carbon stock is derived from the sophisticated analysis of earth observation data and imagery involving cutting-edge data science and machine learning.

You can access our insight through a subscription to our online geodata portal. Data layers can also be exported to your own GIS (Geographic Information System).

Our Forest Biomass & Carbon Stock Analysis Service

Rezatec provides a landscape intelligence data service to provide users with comprehensive, up to date, regular information on a forest’s Biomass & Carbon Stock. We use medium and high resolution optical and radar satellite data to measure key forest attributes, such as species and heights which is then used to derive information on Biomass & Carbon Stocks across the area.

Furthermore, through monitoring changes in the forest land cover over time, changes to an area’s Biomass & Carbon Stocks can also be monitored to assess the implications of deforestation and regeneration activities.

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