Measuring Tree Height, Volume & Count

using geospatial data analytics

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The Business Challenge

In commercial forestry, performance is ultimately driven by the area’s productivity; therefore, it is critical to deliver the most value from every acre and ensure the areas long-term viability. Accurate and up-to-date information on the present timber volume and stock value is crucial to inform decisions regarding current area management, future budgeting, and market assessments.

In large managed forests it is often difficult to get up-to-date, accurate and cost-effective information on timber volumes across an area. To date, forestry companies typically rely on ground- based or aerial survey data, which could be up to 10 years out of date. This makes it difficult to accurately or cost-effectively assess current management requirements and harvesting potential, locate future valuable harvestable areas, or produce reliable forecasts of future wood supplies.

Full mensuration

Understand the tree count, height and volume.

Scalable analysis

Assess vast landscapes to derive detailed forest metrics.

Understand value

Quantify forestry credentials and stock value.

Valuable intelligence

Share valuable forested asset data with stakeholders.

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Powerful Insight

Our unique geospatial intelligence is derived from the sophisticated analysis of earth observation data and imagery involving cutting-edge data science and machine learning. We use the insight to quantify timber across large geographical areas and help you understand the true value of your stock. Our data gives you accurate information about tree count, height and volume, allowing you to monitor these metrics regularly, make intelligent forestry decisions and maximise yields.

You can access our insight through a subscription to our online geodata portal. Data layers can also be exported to your own GIS (Geographic Information System).

Our Forest Mensuration Service

Rezatec provides a landscape intelligence data service to provide users with up-to-date, regular information on the mensuration properties over the whole of their forest assets using medium and high-resolution optical and radar satellite-derived data, Rezatec can identify the three components (Height, Count and Volume), which allow for the quantification of the timber within the area, essential for providing an up-to-date understanding of the true value of the stock.

Delivered via Rezatec’s data portal, or when integrated with existing business processes, this data can be used to complement existing data collection methods, improving operational efficiencies as well as supporting broader business management decisions by providing up to date consistent information.

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