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The Business Challenge

Accurate mapping of tree species is essential for forest management purposes. It is also a critical attribute in forest inventory, biomass, and stand volume estimation. In large managed forests and woodland areas, it is often difficult to get up-to-date and accurate information on the spatial species distribution, abundance and density, especially if the species composition is very mixed.

To date, forestry companies typically rely on ground-based or aerial survey data, which could be up to 10 years out of date, making it difficult to ensure sustainable forest management practices and for resource evaluation.

Analyze inventory

Gain knowledge of actual species distribution across entire area of interest.

Significant savings

Save up to 80% in operational expenditure.

Forecasting future needs

Identify where species are growing and can be sourced from in the future.

Reduce extraction costs

Calculate the likely cost of extracting and transporting particular species of trees.

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Powerful Insight

Our unique geospatial intelligence is derived from the sophisticated analysis of earth observation data and imagery involving cutting-edge data science and machine learning.

You can access our insight through a subscription to our online geodata portal. Data layers can also be exported to your own GIS (Geographic Information System).

Our Tree Species Mapping Service

Rezatec provides a landscape intelligence data service to supply users with up-to-date, regular information on the species present across the entire forest asset. Using multi-temporal, medium and highresolution optical and radar satellite-derived data, we can quantify and map the spatial distribution and proportions of discrete tree species within a target area based on their unique spectral signatures.

This allows users to easily identify the mix of species present within an area and the spatial variations that exist. Delivered via Rezatec’s dedicated, cloud-based geospatial data intelligence portal, or when integrated with existing business processes, this data can be used to complement existing data collection methods improving operational efficiencies as well as supporting broader business management decisions by providing timely and consistent information.

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