Forest Disturbance Monitoring

using geospatial data analytics

The Business Challenge

In managed forests, disturbance events typically fall into two main categories: Anthropogenic events such as planned harvesting activities (clear-fell or thinning), or non-planned harvesting/illegal logging; and Natural events such as forest fire, pest/disease damage, or storm damage. Each have economic implications and can have severe consequences if they are not suitably managed.

Therefore, knowing when and where an event occurs, and its scale, is of critical strategic and financial importance for many forestry companies. To date, methods of monitoring disturbance events have typically been reactive, in the case where events are unexpected, large sums are spent on manually identifying affected areas via costly ground or aerial surveys.

Date disturbance events

Accurately date disturbance and track its progress over time.

Decision support tool

Detailed insight for more effective decision making.

Disturbance mapping

Map the location and extent of disturbance events.

Regular updates

Monitor regularly to detect disturbance early.

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Powerful Insight

Our unique geospatial intelligence, which enables regular monitoring for signs of forest disturbance, is derived from the sophisticated analysis of earth observation data and imagery involving cutting-edge data science and machine learning.

You can access our insight through a subscription to our online geodata portal. Data layers can also be exported to your own GIS (Geographic Information System).

Our Forest Disturbance Monitoring Service

Being alerted to disturbance events quickly and having up-to-date information detailing such events is crucial for proactively managing your area. It enables you to accurately report on current timber stocks and current harvesting activities taking place. In addition, if an unexpected event does occur, you can identify it quickly, and begin remediation work and implement prevention measures with minimal impact.

Rezatec provides a landscape intelligence data service using satellite data to monitor the changing state of forested assets over time and identify any significant decreases or loss of tree canopy cover which could be associated with either anthropogenic or natural disturbance. These disturbance event areas are then identified spatially, with an associated time reference for the period of change, and the user can extract the associated timber quantities potentially damaged by these events.

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