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The Business Challenge

Windthrow damage is a serious threat to managed forests because damage reduces the yield of recoverable timber, and often spreads over time. Significant events can also increase the cost of harvesting the timber by making extraction more difficult. For forestry companies the economic impact is particularly severe in forests that are growing rapidly where each year of additional growth can bring large increases in total timber volume, average tree size and value.

To minimise the risk of damage due to windthrow, an understanding of previous events supports risk-based assessment of frequency and severity of future events which in turn contributes to prevention strategies as part of the forest design and ongoing management. In addition, if a storm hits and damage does occur, the sooner it is known about, the faster the remediation work and prevention measures can begin to mitigate against such damage and reduce the associated cost impact.

Date windthrow damage

Accurately date damage and its progress over time.

Detailed assessment

Assess the count, volume & value of affected trees.

Map windthrow damage

Map the location and extent of wind-related damage.

Proactive monitoring

Automated alerts to detect windthrow damage early.

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Powerful Insight

Our unique geospatial intelligence, which can be used to monitor for signs of windthrow damage in forests, is derived from the sophisticated analysis of earth observation data and imagery involving cutting-edge data science and machine learning.

You can access our insight through a subscription to our online geodata portal. Data layers can also be exported to your own GIS (Geographic Information System).

Our Windthrow Damage Monitoring Service

Rezatec provides a landscape intelligence data service to supply users with regular information and alerts to wind damage over the whole of their Forest assets. Using a time-series of medium and high-resolution optical and radar satellite-derived data, we can identify any rapid changes associated with wind damage over time and alert the client within days of the event.

This in turn allows users to locate the wind damage and respond faster to the threat and maximise the associated timber value potentially damaged by these events. These results can be integrated into existing GIS systems or delivered through our dedicated, cloud-based geospatial data intelligence portal.

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