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Geospatial Analytics for Infrastructure Asset Monitoring

Rezatec helps owners and operators of large infrastructure networks to make critical business decisions about their assets through the sophisticated analysis of Earth Observation data.

Our analytics solutions provide a powerful set of tools to help asset managers deploy their resources and budget more effectively to improve margins, enhance competitive advantage and optimise asset management for their customers.

Water Infrastructure Monitoring

Using satellite data and machine learning to identify Likelihood of Failure for pipeline networks, as well as monitoring water quality risk.

Transmission Network Monitoring

Using satellite data to monitoring environmental and man-made risks to assets, including vegetation encroachment.

Dam and Reservoir Monitoring

Using satellite data to monitor dams and reservoirs for irregular structural and vegetation change, remotely and accurately, to complement existing methods.

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Commercial Intelligence for Infrastructure Networks

Geospatial data analytics powered by artificial intelligence provides infrastructure network asset managers and network operators with a new tool to support a shift towards proactive resource optimisation and controlled capital expenditure driven by network intelligence.

Using the latest Earth Observation techniques we provide decision support tools to help with infrastructure asset optimisation in a number of sectors and scenarios:

  • Water pipeline risk assessment and monitoring
  • Dam and related infrastructure assessment
  • Electricity transmission network vegetation intrusion detection and monitoring


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