Reservoir Embankment and Dam Monitoring

Geospatial data analytics to detect anomalous motion and seepage over time.

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Satellite Data Analytics for Dam and Reservoir monitoring

This subscription service uses satellite data to enable owners and operators of dams and reservoirs to implement a more regular, cost-effective and proactive approach to managing risk around their assets.

Through the analysis of satellite data, multiple assets, including those that are remote and difficult to access, can be monitored remotely.

Users can identify unusual changes in structural motion or vegetation that enable targeted inspection to reduce the risk of failure.

Analytics are delivered via Rezatec’s interactive portal as reports and online visualisation for easy integration into existing workflows.

No client data needed

Satellite data collected and analysed remotely.

Frequent and cost-effective updates

Complement existing methods to better manage risk.

Unique capability

No other technology provides these insights.

Look back in time

Retrospective analysis enables historic ‘duty of care’.

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Product overview

  • Reservoir embankment and Dam monitoring with global coverage
  • Online subscription service with monthly updates
  • Structural movement monitoring using satellite radar to detect anomalous movement or deformation
  • Vegetation monitoring using satellite imagery to detect potential water seepage
  • Correlation with seasonal ground movement and dam or reservoir water levels
  • Retrospective analysis from 2016 to provide long-term trend analysis

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