Electricity Transmission Network Monitoring

Geospatial data analytics for managing environmental and man-made risk.

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Satellite Data Analytics for Electricity Transmission Networks

This service uses satellite data to enable electric utilities to operate a more regular, cost-effective and proactive approach to managing risk around their assets, including vegetation encroachment.

Through the analysis of satellite data, entire networks can be monitored remotely to provide timely alerts targeting high-risk areas.

When identifying vegetation risk, Rezatec employs its market-leading forestry analytics to provide frequently updated assessments of vegetation health and good management practices.

Analytics are delivered via Rezatec’s interactive portal as reports and online visualization for easy integration into existing workflows.

Data Driven Efficiency

Prioritise areas where risk to network is the highest.

Improved Network Management

Scalable monitoring and alerts across your entire network

Regular updates

More frequent and cost-effective updates than alternative methods

Forest Analytics

Expert satellite forestry analysis to monitor vegetation management

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Rezatec Solution

Transmission networks can be threatened by multiple impacts, from environmental to man-made which can be costly and time consuming to detect, risk assess and deploy repair resources.

Rezatec’s geospatial analytics, delivered to your digital dashboard, enable you to monitor, manage and mitigate the threat of:

  • Vegetation intrusion
  • Wildfires
  • Inundation
  • Extreme weather
  • Man-made structures

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