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Our Water Quality Management Service

Rezatec’s Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for managing water quality provides a scalable, decision support tool for estimating diffuse pollution loads based on contemporary earth observation data and hydrological modelling. By using the sophisticated analysis of satellite-derived earth observation imagery and other geospatial data, we can substantially reduce the cost of monitoring water quality.

This is achieved by predicting land use change and environmental risk, gaining catchment and sub-catchment insights into how land use impacts water quality. With subscription-based access to our geospatial data intelligence portal, our customers benefit from regularly updated analytical insights across catchments that simply aren’t possible through traditional ground survey methods alone.

Understanding Your Catchments

Urban and agricultural land use / land cover classification

Identify Problematic Areas

Diffuse pollution load estimation and associated risk mapping

Detect Issues Related to Soil Erosion

Soil loss risk mapping and load estimation

Agricultural Intelligence

Seasonal crop identification to 95%+ accuracy

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Rezatec Geospatial AI

Rezatec uniquely combines remote sensing analysis with data science to deliver Geospatial AI. Using machine learning driven statistical processing of satellite imagery and selected data inputs Rezatec provides proactive risk management as a data service. With subscription-based online access to a geospatial portal, our customers use our expertise and data-driven analysis to enable reduced operating costs and optimised asset management across their networks. Rezatec customers cover the globe and are leaders in their respective industries in the water, agriculture, infrastructure and forestry sectors.

Business Challenge

Effective catchment management is vital for water companies to achieve compliant water quality levels without having to undertake unnecessary amounts of expensive treatment downstream. This means mapping and monitoring land use/land cover to predict change across landscapes within catchments, in order to better understand the relationship between land use and water quality.

Until now, water companies have found it difficult to achieve this level of insight across large catchments with any frequency without a heavy reliance on costly ground resources. Rezatec’s Geospatial AI for Managing Water Quality solution provides a unique and unprecedented support tool for better understanding and improving catchment issues.

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