Satellite data intelligence for Sinkhole Detection & Monitoring

Geoanalytics for actionable Water Industry Insights used for Detecting, Monitoring and Predicting Sinkholes.

Earth observation data analytics can be used to detect terrain motion and subsidence, pipeline leakage and anomalies in vegetation. Sinkhole event data can be used to overlay landscape intelligence derived from satellite data analytics in order to understand over time the geospatial patterns that may suggest sinkhole occurrences (past, present or future). However they are called; sinkhole, cenote, doline, swallow hole, etc, our data products offer a valuable decision support tool in risk mitigation, maintenance and reparation activities. Speak to us about how our geospatial intelligence could support your proactive management of sinkhole-prone areas.


Our satellite data analytics can inform decisions related to water catchment management and naturally occurring events like sinkholes.

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Water infrastructure issues, such as pipeline leakage and wastewater pipeline leakage, that can cause dolines, can also be detected and monitored from space.

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