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Geospatial AI for pasture management

Grass SAT makes it easier for dairy, beef and sheep farmers to optimise grazing performance and sileage harvest.

Grass SAT

Optimise your most important asset

Taking the leg work out of pasture management.

Improve grazing performance

Save time

No time to go out and measure your paddocks? Grass SAT calculates daily grass cover values without the need for manual measurements.

Boost farm profit

Adapt grazing planning based on real-time analysis to maximise grass cover.

Improve forward planning

Mitigate potential surplus and shortfall scenarios and benchmark against best performing paddocks.

How we help

Pasture management

This service uses remote sensing combined with a grass growth model to forecast a daily grass cover value (kg DM/ha). It provides colour-coded health assessments for every paddock and field throughout the entire season, plus post-season performance management tools.

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