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Geospatial AI for Vegetation Inventory

Prioritise investment, streamline operations and proactively de-risk the network. Use Vegetation Inventory to track damage hazards in the powerline right of way.

Vegetation Inventory

Remote. Scalable. Cost-effective.

Vegetation Inventory enables leaders to proactively manage the ground-based and environmental hazards that threaten infrastructure integrity and power supply. It remotely provides a view of your entire network across vast linear areas. It fuses satellite and multiple data feeds with advanced AI to monitor vegetation changes in the rights of way and surrounding landscape. From vegetation growth and tree fall, to fire and weather events, use it to efficiently direct ground treatment resources for the greatest impact.

Continuously monitor rights of way and surrounding landscape


De-risk the network
Meet NERC requirements
Diminish health & safety risk
Demonstrate a Duty of Care


Identify potential hazards
Track evolving risks
Assess remote areas
Prioritise resource deployment


Cut non-targeted costs
Prioritise CapEx & OpEx
Drive a more informed vegetation plan

How we help

De-risking the network

Geospatial AI is helping electric utitlities to remotely identify ground risks resulting from vegetation growth, tree fall, wildfires and weather events. Across the entire network.

Remote, cost-effective monitoring

Build a digital risk profile

View all current hazards
Tracks anomalous changes
Monitors entire landscape
Clear, contextualized reporting

Track hazards between surveys

Frequent, accurate insights
Correlates trend data
Alerts of unusual changes
Ideal for remote locations

Deploy to the right place

Define exact risk areas
Direct ground crews
Focus on maximum impact
Data collected remotely

What our customers say

We help utilities around the world to ensure the safety and integrity of their assets.

Arcadis & Bluefield Research
Demistifying Intelligent Water

Arcadis & Bluefield Research

Using advanced technology for asset management provides better line of sight into what’s happening within a utility, shining light on opportunities to proactively address maintenance in cost-effective ways. See the report here.

Leading utility, North America

There are a number of strengths: the platform itself and its ease of use, the algorithm they have, their people, the ability to deliver what’s required and price… They’ve taken us from zero to hero for getting stuff done and being cost effective.

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