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Geospatial AI for forest brushing

Optimise viable crop growth across your entire forest to maximise inventory value. Use it to target silviculture activities and to boost the effectiveness of ground resources.

Forest Brushing

Boost inventory value

Our forest brushing product remotely analyses young tree growth within stands across vast forested areas. It tells you when and where to focus your brushing activities for optimum viable crop growth. Its satellite and multiple data feeds combine with advanced AI to provide insights that enable you to optimise ground resources to perform silviculture activities and report on actions to meet regulatory requirements. Frequent data refreshes help you to enhance your inventory’s growth and revenue potential.

Industrial-scale brushing, at stand level

View your entire inventory

Remotely determine the characteristics of your young inventory, without the need for costly aerial and ground surveys.

Optimise operations

Accurately predict, plan and action brushing and other silviculture activities to efficiently manage young stands.

Track impact

Use the latest, dynamic data to measure the effectiveness of brushing operations and optimise decisions for your whole forest.

How we help

Optimising dynamic decisions

Forest SAT helps forestry leaders globally to determine the characteristics and manage the viability of their young inventory across vast forested areas. Access the user-friendly dashboard on our AI platform.

Optimising viable crop growth

A vital component in silviculture, brushing is essential for ensuring the growth of a stand as young trees fight with other plants and brush for critical resources such as water, sunlight and nutrients. It is also important as a way of reducing or eliminating competition for young trees, as they grow at a far slower rate than many other bush and vegetation.

Forest leaders managing vast areas are challenged with determining the extent of viable crop trees within stands because of the amount of additional vegetation. Until now, heavy investment in aerial surveys, backed up with ‘boots in the ground’ assessments, have been the only method of figuring this out. Multiply that investment across multiple stands – and remote sensing technologies start to make sense.

Our forest brushing product remotely and frequently monitors forests over vast geographic areas. Its satellite and multiple data sources, combined with advanced mathematical models, give you a view of your entire forest, then drill down to individual parcel, stand and tree levels. It identifies and quantifies viable young trees among what appears to the naked eye to be a mass of bush and vegetation. These insights enable you to optimise your ground resource effort to perform brushing activities. The data helps you to enhance the growth potential of your inventory – and maximise the value of your timber. It also helps foresters to report actions to meet regulatory requirements.

All data can be integrated into existing GIS systems, or delivered through our Forest SAT solution on the Rezatec platform.

Forest Brushing Resources

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