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Dam compliance data. Made simple.

The power to aggregate, streamline and analyze all your dam data in one place. Reduce the staff burden of reporting and focus resources on what they do best.

Dam Compliance

All dam data. In one place.

Dam Compliance aggregates into one place and applies powerful analytics to all your dam data, like measurement, piezometer, water levels, rainfall measurements, level surveys and geo technical. It enables you to easily generate reporting, ensure regulatory compliance and keep your dams safe. It combines all your data with Rezatec’s advanced algorithms, AI and analytics. It supercharges your understanding of key trends and points of failure, powers your ability to identify procedural gaps, and enables you to focus your resources on what they do best.

Powerful insights, easy reporting, improved resource utilization

All data, deep intel

Collate your dam information in one place
Apply Rezatec’s unique analytics
Track key trends and points of failure

Simple reporting

Easily report all dam data
Incorporate visuals, graphs, charts
Identify procedural gaps

Optimize resources

Focus your resources
Address issues & feedback field data
Embed operationally

How we help

Upriver Hydroelectric Dam, WA

City of Spokane’s Upriver Dam generates 70m KW of electricity per year, which powers pumped drinking water for 280,000 customers. A straight, concrete gravity dam, operating in a ‘run-of-the-river’ mode, the dam is subject to seasonal river flows and risks movement on the rip rap. Spokane’s Chief Dam Safety Officer uses Dam Monitoring to demonstrate to the regulator (FERC) the dam structure’s stability.

The new, essential dam analytics & reporting tool

Reporting on safety activities is an essential part of any dam operators’ responsibilities. But many dam safety teams are grappling with multiple qualitative, quantitative and visual data sets, often in a variety of formats and output.

It’s not unusual for this information to be kept in spreadsheets and pdf reports in an online file system or even in filing cabinets. In addition, instrumentation and other investigation surveys can produce huge amounts of data and often their analysis is not as advanced as it could be.

Collating all available data and making sense of it is an immense task. Driving analytics across key data sets is a challenge. And reporting can be an onerous activity but one that absolutely needs to be done.

Dam Monitoring: Built on Rezatec, the #1 geospatial AI platform, Dam Compliance collates all of your information in one place. It fuses your data with the most advanced analytics on the market to bring you new insights and reporting you didn’t think possible.

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