Satellite data intelligence for the water treatment and wastewater treatment industries

Geoanalytics for Actionable Water Industry Intelligence from Water Source to Wastewater Management

The water treatment industry benefits from the careful management of water sources to reduce pollution and ensure optimal water quality is achieved at source prior to treatment. This reduces water treatment costs and helps to alleviate the demand-driven challenges of producing clean water from upstream water sources. Wastewater treatment likewise relies on efficient transmission of waste across vast networks of water infrastructure and water pipelines to transport wastewater to processing stations for treatment. Satellite data analytics can provide powerful insight at both ends of the water treatment process to support effective water quality management in water catchments and also identify, monitor and predict water asset related problems such a fresh water and sewer pipeline leakage.


Our satellite data analytics can inform decisions related to catchment management, also known as watershed management.

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Water pipeline leakage and wastewater pipeline leakage can be detected and monitored from space.

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