Geospatial Analytics

Satellite-derived landscape intelligence.

Image: Copernicus Sentinel data (2015)/ESA

Analyzing Earth Data

Rezatec provides geospatial data analytics. We use our proprietary algorithms and advanced machine learning techniques to deliver strategic, commercial insight for our customers. We deliver actionable insights as Data-as-a-Service landscape intelligence via our online decision support portal.

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On-demand Geospatial Data Analytics

Apply Additional Analysis

Create new data modelling or use existing models to adapt and extend the insight to your specific requirements.

Cost-Effective & Highly Scalable

Valuable decision support for improved operational efficiency when managing highly targeted areas up to national and global coverage.

Cutting Edge Earth Observation

We can incorporate data from all the major Earth Observation satellites and other airborne sensor types such as UAVs.

Data Products

Take advantage of a wide range of pre-processed, high-value data products designed to meet the common needs of multiple sectors.

Integrate Multiple Data Sources

Upload your own data from multiple sources and devices or download datasets as required.

The Latest Information

Keep on top of fast-changing information with dynamically-updated analytics driven by spatial and temporal requirements.

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Rezatec - Geospatial Data Experts

Rezatec helps businesses improve the management of their land-based assets by providing intelligent insight based on analyzing a complex array of geospatial information, including advanced Earth Observation data.

High-value landscape insights are provided to clients via our web portal giving exclusive access to pre-packaged and custom-built landscape intelligence products. Through custom dashboards, users can upload, download, add or edit data modelling and manipulate the visualized map with show/hide data layers.



We are able to provide these critical decision-support tools by using our proprietary landscape intelligence platform – best-in-class technology that captures a wide range of landscape characteristics in high spatial and temporal resolution and provides layers of georeferenced information plus associated geoanalytics.

The platform enables the aggregation of vast amounts of diverse data from satellites, airborne sensors and ground instruments, then we apply relevant data modelling using our innovative mapping, measuring and monitoring techniques. The resulting products deliver a full, rich and contextualized picture of important landscape factors in a focused, national or global scale.

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