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We work with some of the largest (and the smallest) engineering and consulting firms globally helping them add value to their clients.

Streamline productivity

Geospatial AI helps you to deploy ground resources efficiently and effectively, saving time and cost. A dynamic view of the condition of your entire asset base combines with frequent monitoring alerts. These put you at the forefront of risk mitigation, resource optimisation and productivity.

Pump up the value

Monetising and maximising asset value is one of the key performance drivers for supply-side partners. From water, forests and crops to electricity, the minute detail and insights continuously provided by geospatial AI enables you to deliver the greatest benefit.

Differentiate your offering

Geospatial AI’s cutting-edge technology can transform the way ground-based asset monitoring is done. Leading-edge, yes. But also proven. Use it to drive a step-change in productivity and investment prioritisation that will set your business apart from your competitors.

Our Partners

Our Strategic Partners

Detection Services
ISOIL Industria
Forsite Consultants
Assetlife Alliance
SWAN – Smart Water Networks Forum
Detection Services
Chris Evans

General Manager, Detection Services

Rezatec combines their extensive experience within the industry with innovative solutions that reflect the needs of our diverse customer base. They have consistently provided a professional service that is seamless, on time and customer focused by combining technologies and solutions that are strategic, insightful and actionable. Their reliability and pragmatic approach has been instrumental to the successful delivery of several projects and continues to be a valuable asset to the Detection Services business.

ISOIL Industria
Luca Scansetti

Services Line Manager, ISOIL Industria

Isoil is delighted to be partnered with Rezatec. They give us an additional competitive advantage by being able to offer geospatial solutions to water companies, such as to look at the likelihood and criticality of failure, alongside our own products. We are working alongside world leading utilities delivering Rezatec’s solutions, enabling water companies to be more proactive. We look forward to continuing working with Rezatec to provide our clients with leading technology solutions to optimize asset management.

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