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Geospatial AI for Agriculture

Transform the way you maximise crop potential.

Harvest SAT

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Geospatial AI enables farmers and producers to maximise crop potential. We take the leg work out of yield management.

Harvest SAT: dynamically manage harvest and yield

Challenges in Agri Business

As global demand grows for core commodities such as what, sugar, palm oil, soy and beef, so does the need to ensure supply chain sustainability and resilience. Changing regional quotas for crop production are forcing farmers to compete in wider international markets, often creating new pressures on pricing.

To counter these regional and global challenges, growers and processors are looking for ways to increase production yields and reduce processing costs.

Geospatial AI takes satellite data, combines it with weather information and applies agro-meteorological and biophysical data modelling to help accurately forecast and optimise crop yields. At a macro-environmental level, accurately forecasting crop yields can help to alleviate adverse market reactions due to potential food shortages, and ultimately help to ensure food security. Having information about crop yields can also help food processors to better control their production processes and supply chains so that they can become more efficient and sustainable producers.

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British Sugar

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British Sugar
Nick Morris

British Sugar

Using Rezatec’s innovative Supply Optimisation product, we can achieve greater efficiencies in our supply chain by optimising sugar beet to closest factory locations thereby reducing costs associated with harvest, e.g. haulage.

Dr Jim Dimmock

Resource Management Scientist, AHDB

It is evident from our collaboration with Rezatec that the application of satellite data for mapping crop extent is of great value and compared to more traditional methods, we were impressed by the ability to scale across large areas with high levels of accuracy.

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