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Mill Optimisation

Optimise crop yield planning and procurement. Streamline logistics and production. Maximise harvest value.

Mill Optimisation

Predict supply & reduce excess

Our mill optimisation product provides early and dynamic visibility of crop yields. It uses satellite and multiple data feeds combined with advanced AI and crop modelling tools to enable processors to dynamically plan and optimise production. Frequently refreshed insights inform in-season planning and risk mitigation activities. Use this service to accurately procure the right volumes from the right suppliers and maximise factory productivity to optimise value.

Plan, schedule and optimise processing operations

Identify crop yield

Determine and optimise harvest value by accurately identifying crop yield, condition and volumes.

Optimise harvest sequencing

Accelerate harvest and logistics times and schedule cost-effective haulage routes to enable just in time supply.

Boost production throughput

Optimise crop supplies flowing to your processing facilities. Maximise production throughput and reduce costs.

How we help

A crucial advantage

Geospatial AI informs pre-season crop rotation planning and procurement. Dynamic yield predictions enable factory input scheduling and harvest sequencing. Use it to maximise crop value and drive profitability.

Accelerating crop insights

Faced with increasing global competitive pressures, regulatory requirements and logistics costs it is critical that sugar beet processors are able to optimise their factory planning and procurement processes. How well manufacturers respond to these challenges can be the difference between profit and loss in some years.

During the procurement planning phase, processors need visibility of historical crop rotations for every field in the catchment areas that supply their production facilities. In addition, they need to identify the fields that are planted with sugar beet and they need to monitor these sugar beet crops throughout the growing season for compliance with recipes and/or guidance. They also need to estimate an accurate harvest date field by field.

Until now, collecting this data has been largely a ‘boots on the ground’ activity. Information is often based on estimates and is time consuming to collate. With the result that data is often out of date and inaccurate.

Our mill optimisation product combines satellite and other data inputs with crop modelling and AI tools to enable processors to dynamically plan and optimise production – and maximise crop value. Frequently updated insights inform in-season planning and risk mitigation activities.

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