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From source to tap, transform the way you manage water. Use geospatial AI to remotely monitor and dynamically manage dams, water pipeline networks and water quality.

Water SAT

Remote, scalable, cost-effective

Water SAT geospatial AI solution enables water leaders to prioritize, plan and optimize investment in your critical infrastructure. It tells you when and where to direct your ground-based engineering resources. It helps you to mitigate the risk of failure. And it helps you to maximise water value.

Water SAT: water infrastructure & catchment management

Challenges in the water industry

With rising customer expectations, climate change bringing dramatic weather incidents, and governments tightening regulatory controls, water companies are facing greater demands. Add to that the growing pressure to boost efficiency and drive up water value. The time is right for water leaders to consider using satellite data to change the way they manage critical infrastructure.

As water infrastructure ages, the world’s utility companies face the challenge of identifying failing structures and equipment – and repairing it before failure occurs. At the same time, issues such as ground movement, vegetation growth and fluctuating moisture levels, threaten the integrity of this infrastructure.

Traditionally, water leaders have used ground-based surveying and assessment technologies to assess potential failure. Getting resources to the right place at the right time is a real challenge. Many leaders are beginning to acknowledge three things. Not having a level of certainty on where to deploy resources is a real issue. A boots-on-the-ground, break-fix approach is not enough. Nor is investing in upgrade programs that potentially replace fully functioning infrastructure.

Water SAT, our geospatial AI solution, remotely monitors water infrastructure and water catchment areas at scale. This solution combines products that analyse dams, waste and clean water pipelines, and water catchments. Each product fuses satellite and multiple data feeds with the most advanced AI on the market. Frequent, accurate insights enable you to proactively manage the integrity and safety of your assets and the quality of your water.

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ISOIL Industria
Hunter Water
Hera Group
Bristol Water
Detection Services
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
St Johns Water District
Acquedotto del Fiora
Affinity Water
SWAN – Smart Water Networks Forum
Assetlife Alliance
Metro Pacific Water
Central Arkansas Water
Utilities Kingston

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Billy Cothran

Chief Executive Officer, SJWD

SJWD use Rezatec’s Dam Monitoring technology because of its ability to provide us with a clearer picture of the changes that occur over time with our dams. Our goal is to use this technology to stay ahead of any changes that could impact the integrity of our dams.

ISOIL Industria
Luca Scansetti

Water Utility Service Manager, ISOIL Industria

Even before the Covid-19 outbreak occurred, it was essential to improve the productivity of the workforce and make the most of resources. Rezatec’s solution will help utilities better understand their buried assets, prioritise investment intelligently and improve results pushing the limits of the active DMA control towards the performance fixed by the authority.

Water Resources

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