What's your pipeline problem? The top 3 questions water network leaders ask

What’s your pipeline problem? The top 3 questions water network leaders ask

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Webinar happened on Thursday, 14th September 2023 at 4:00 PM (GMT)

Every day at Rezatec, we’re working with dozens of water network leaders, helping them to assess the risk of potential failure in their potable and sewer networks. While every section of pipe is different, water utility leaders around the world typically ask the same three questions:

  • How can I best answer those tricky questions such as:
    • Why hasn’t this been fixed before?
    • Why is there a hosepipe ban when you’re leaking millions of gallons of water?
    • How is the money from my bill being spent?
  • How do I make my OPEX budget go further and better prioritize maintenance & repairs?
  • How best can I prioritize replacement, rehabilitation and sensor deployment?

With repair and capital upgrade bills hitting the $millions, and the need to accurately prioritize projects and validate expenditure to budget signatories, many water utility leaders are turning to geospatial AI as the logical first step to assess potential failure, prioritize maintenance and justify investment.

Join Aleks Karnicka, water utility and geospatial insights specialist, to find out how utilities teams around the world are using geospatial AI to solve real problems on the ground.



Aleksandra Karnicka

Job Title: Product Owner

Company: Rezatec

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