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Geospatial AI for dam monitoring

Reduce the risk of catastrophic failure and drive large-scale operational efficiencies. Use Dam Monitoring to dynamically manage the integrity and safety of your entire asset base.

Dam monitoring

Remote. Scalable. Cost-effective.

Dam Monitoring empowers operators to dynamically manage the integrity and safety of your entire asset base: remotely, at scale, cost-effectively. It tracks unusual changes in ground motion, vegetation and moisture using satellite and multiple data feeds combined with advanced AI. Retrospective and current analysis build a unique picture over time. Access our interactive platform for frequent, accurate insights and alerts on anomalous activity, without the need for site inspections.

Continuously monitor all dams


Reduce risk of failure
Meet safety & regulatory needs
Diminish health & safety risk
Demonstrate a Duty of Care


Identify potential failure
Track evolving issues
Assess remote areas
Prioritise engineer deployment


Cut non-targeted inspection & maintenance costs
Prioritise CapEx & OpEx
Drive operational efficiencies

How we help

Grahamstown Dam, Australia

Hunter Water’s largest drinking water storage holds 182,000m litres. An 80km per hour road runs across the southern embankment, impeding inspection. Geospatial AI enables remote monitoring.

Resource-free, cost-effective monitoring

Build a full risk profile

Unique historic & current view
Tracks anomalous changes
Monitors all dams
Ideal for remote locations

Track issues between surveys

Frequent, accurate insights
Correlates trend data
Alerts of unusual changes
Millimeter accuracy

Deploy to the right place

Define exact risk areas
Direct investigation & maintenance teams
Focus on maximum impact
Data collected remotely

What our customers say

We help dam operators around the world to ensure the safety and integrity of their assets.

Billy Cothran

Chief Executive Officer, SJWD

SJWD use Rezatec’s Dam Monitoring technology because of its ability to provide us with a clearer picture of the changes that occur over time with our dams. Our goal is to use this technology to stay ahead of any changes that could impact the integrity of our dams.

Hunter Water
Daniel Turnball

Dams Safety Engineer, Hunter Water

Rezatec’s analytics are very accurate and were able to detect movements associated with historical works that had taken place, that they had no knowledge of. We are also able to see trends of movement at more frequent intervals than would be practical with traditional survey techniques, all achieved with zero risk to on-site personnel.

Detection Services
Chris Evans

General Manager, Detection Services

As a long-term partner of Rezatec’s, the Dam Monitoring product is a game-changer for dam owners and operators, with the ability to remotely monitor infrastructure accurately and frequently, without sending teams into remote location.

Canal & River Trust
David Prisk

Reservoir Asset Manager, Canal & River Trust

The Canal & River Trust welcomes innovative and promising technologies that enable us to proactively manage our assets, and we are looking forward to working with Binnies and Rezatec on this project to support us in meeting our strategic objectives.

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