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Geospatial AI for dam monitoring

Boost safety, manage risk and direct ground resources – at scale. Use Dam Monitoring to dynamically manage the condition of all your dams.

Dam Monitoring

Remote. Scalable. Cost-effective.

Dam Monitoring empowers operators and regulators to manage the integrity and safety of your entire asset base remotely, at scale, cost-effectively. It tracks unusual changes in movement, seepage, vegetation and downstream hazards, providing a detailed view of failure modes and their consequences. Featuring the most advanced AI and visualization engine available, it combines unique historical analysis, frequently refreshed geospatial data and your own survey and instrumentation data. The result? Powerful insights to make risk-informed decisions and keep your dams safe.

Assessing risk and targeting resources efficiently

Leverage the most robust data and mapped visualisations to determine exact risk areas on and around your dam – even those you have not previously considered. Dam Monitoring includes the following:

The essential dam monitoring tool

Although new technologies and engineering approaches are enabling better monitoring of dam structures, not all monitoring solutions are the same. According to Daniel Turnbull, Dam Safety Engineer at the New South Wales-based Hunter Water, “Dam owners need to focus on those tools that can give the earliest possible indications of potential problems across the whole expanse of any structure and across every asset in their dam portfolio. This enables dam safety leaders to focus on data-led resource deployment while making the most of skilled staff and expertise, even when managing the biggest structures.”

Ultimately, geospatial AI supplements and combines with data from other technologies such as in-situ sensors and physical inspection observations to build a complete picture of dam risk, and with capabilities that far exceed traditional dam monitoring methods.

As Daniel says: “If visual monitoring picks up that there is a potential issue, we’re able to refer to satellite monitoring and reveal if there is something measurable to support that theory.” However, those capabilities and the tangible benefits they enable are only unlocked through a sophisticated machine learning analysis.

With its unique algorithms, Rezatec is the world’s leading geospatial provider of AI analytics and offers a new and unique approach to data analysis that delivers the type of insights that have, until now, not been available. The risk assessment outcomes produced from its analytics engine are presented in an easy-to-use interactive platform that allows dam owners to see any potential issues at a glance.

“It’s not hard to see the reason for the rise of geospatial AI as a remote monitoring tool,” concludes Daniel.

Zero in on failure modes

Boost risk management, safety and compliance, while deploying investigation and repair resources to the right place at the right time.


Reduce risk of dam failure
Meet dam safety & regulatory needs
Diminish health & safety risk
Demonstrate a Duty of Care


Identify potential dam failure
Track evolving issues
Assess remote areas
Prioritise engineer deployment


Cut non-targeted dam inspection &
maintenance costs
Prioritise CapEx & OpEx
Drive operational efficiencies

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New Hampshire Dept of Environmental Services
Hunter Water
Detection Services
LS Power
St Johns Water District
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
Olathe Kansas
Ontario Power

What people say

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New Hampshire Dept of Environmental Services
James W. Gallagher

Chief Engineer of the Dam Bureau , New Hampshire Dept of Environmental Services

“The technology, allows us to prioritize both repairs and instrumentation where it is needed, as it is not feasible or cost effective to instrument the full length of all high hazard dams.”

Hunter Water
Daniel Turnbull

Dam Safety Engineer, Hunter Water

“Drones just can’t achieve the millimetric accuracy of satellite data. Our comparisons showed drones pick up 20 to 30 millimeters; whereas satellite data detects movement of 1 to 2 millimeters. That’s hugely significant.”

City of Spokane
Jeanne Finger

Chief Dam Safety Engineer, City of Spokane

“We use Rezatec’s geospatial AI to evidence non-movement on the rip rap and embankments. The data really fits to solve the puzzles and gives us solid evidence that satisfies FERC’s questions.”

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