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Geospatial AI for Forest Intelligence

From sapling to sawn timber, transform the way you manage inventory. Use geospatial AI to remotely monitor and dynamically manage your value chain.

Forest SAT

Remote, scalable, cost-effective

Forest SAT geospatial AI solution enables forest leaders to prioritize, plan and optimize investment in your inventory. Tracking the full forest lifecycle, this solution fuses satellite and multiple data feeds with the most advanced AI on the market. It tells you when and where to direct your ground-based resources. It helps you to drive large-scale efficiencies. And it helps you to maximise timber value. All without the need for costly aerial surveys.

Forest SAT: comprehensive forest intelligence

Forest Management

Proactively track and dynamically manage your inventory lifecycle across the value chain. Products:

Forest Monitoring

Respond quickly, mitigate loss of timber value and maximise salvageable lumber after disturbance events. Products:

Challenges in forestry

The forestry industry faces multiple diverse economic challenges. Dealing with fluctuating markets, cross-border tariffs, uncertainty on the timing and level of demand for housing starts and the forecast surge in demand for engineered wood products. And that’s not all.

Every year sees a wildfire catastrophe in the major producing countries, while pest, disease and other disturbance destroy vast areas. Salvage operations cost dearly and the threat to forest resource supply compounds operational issues.

Sustainable forest management is essential today. And while ensuring forest biodiversity, facilitating healthy ecosystems and maintaining and conserving clean soil and water resources enables forest leaders to address health and pest hazards; this work is difficult and expensive.

Faced with these complexities, many of today’s lumber, paper, pulp and wood products manufacturers have no choice but to look at new ways of monitoring and managing their forests to drive down costs and realize value.

Traditionally, foresters have relied on infrequent and geographically limited aerial surveys, backed up by boots-on-the-ground assessments to manage stands and monitor the impact of disturbance. Filling the intelligence gaps in-between surveys is a real challenge. As is getting ground resources to the right place at the right time to maximise impact.

Forest SAT, our geospatial AI solution, remotely provides a view of your entire forest inventory across vast geographic areas and analyses disturbance events that threaten its value. This solution combines products that help you to manage inventory, carbon stock, fire damage, pest and disease, brushing and mill optimization.

Tracking the full forest lifecycle across seasons, Forest SAT fuses satellite and multiple data feeds with the most advanced AI on the market. Frequent, accurate insights enable you to dynamically manage your inventory, driving large scale efficiencies and cost savings, boosting productivity and competitive advantage, and optimizing timber value.

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European Space Agency
New Forests
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Forsite Consultants
Cameron Brown

Forsite Consultants

Forsite is really excited about the innovative capabilities that satellite data can now provide to the forestry sector … we can enable our clients to be more productive, more efficient and more profitable.

BC Ogris
Dr Steve Wilson

BC Ogris

The model accuracy in the mid-height range is very encouraging as a tool for managing British Columbia’s natural resource land base.

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