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Geospatial AI for Reforestation

Optimize viable crop growth across your entire forest to maximize inventory value.  Use it to target silviculture activities and to boost the effectiveness of ground resources.

Boost timber crop value

Our reforestation product remotely analyses timber crop growth across vast forested areas. It distinguishes between desirable vegetation and competition, telling you when and where to focus your establishment activities for optimum viable growth. Its satellite and multiple data feeds combine with advanced AI to provide insights that enable you to optimize ground resources to perform silviculture activities, focus and reduce treatment costs, boost neglected areas, avoid financial penalties, and evidence certification requirements and integrated pest management. Frequent data refreshes help you to monitor treatment efficacy, enhancing and accelerating your inventory’s growth and revenue potential

Large scale establishment monitoring to optimize investment & resources

View your entire inventory

Remotely monitor the establishment progress of young inventory, without the need for costly aerial and ground surveys.

Optimize operations

Accurately predict, plan and action herbicide treatment and other silviculture activities to efficiently manage young stands.

Track impact

Use the latest, dynamic data to measure the effectiveness of silvicultural interventions and optimize decisions for your whole forest.

Optimising viable crop growth

Swift re-establishment of felled sites is a vital component of sustainable forest management, but to achieve this, trees must avoid excessive competition from non-crop vegetation.

Disturbance specialists like grasses and other herbaceous weeds have a competitive edge when it comes to disturbed sites, and left unchecked they will leave little sunlight, water and nutrients available to the crop trees. It is down to the forester to return the competitive advantage to their planted trees, but it is not always easy getting the balance right.

Over-treating vegetation is detrimental to biodiversity, incurs avoidable costs and stretches resources unnecessarily. Conversely, under-treating can result in slow or patchy establishment, undermine the economics of the rotation and reduce the carbon sequestration benefit of producing wood products efficiently.


The answer is simple: cost effective, scalable monitoring, which promotes more granular management prescriptions. Aerial surveys and ‘boots on the ground’ get the job done, but they’re costly. A more affordable, remote solution is a must.

Rezatec’s Reforestation product remotely monitors plantations over large areas. Its satellite data sources, combined with geospatial AI, give you a view of your entire portfolio, while also allowing you to drill down to individual stands. This gives you a picture of establishment progress: are your trees growing? But also, reliably tells you where competition intensity is high: where is intervention required?

These insights enable you to optimise your ground resources and remotely monitor establishment, but more importantly they could reduce your net treatment area by as much as 15%, cutting down herbicide application, promoting swift establishment and realizing huge cost savings.

How we help

Optimizing investment and resources

Reforestation helps foresters and asset managers to continuously monitor large establishment programs at scale and cost effectively. Access the user-friendly dashboard on our geospatial AI platform.


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