Establishment monitoring in forestry: three key metrics which all foresters should be tracking

Forest establishment: three key metrics foresters need to track 

A global skills shortage in forestry means a lower capacity for monitoring and a higher capacity for neglect, and it is more important than ever to monitor newly planted sites effectively and efficiently.


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Webinar happened on Thursday, 4th May 2023 at 4:00 PM (GMT)

In this webinar, you will discover how geospatial AI can help you monitor your growing trees remotely and cost effectively, and target ground resources and silvicultural treatments where they will have the greatest impact.

In addition, we introduce three, previously out-of-reach, performance metrics which are unlocked by the scalable monitoring that geospatial AI can provide. And you will learn how leading North American forestry companies are using this information to do more, with less.



Ben Crisford

Job Title: Customer Success Manager

Company: Rezatec

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